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The experienced team at Silver Bullet Finance has used their unique financial acumen to deliver strong private mortgage solutions across multiple industries. Their business-to-business loan solutions combined with innovative problem solving has helped companies deliver projects across Australia.

Purchase Of A Hotel

The Situation

Borrower had the opportunity to purchase a hotel business from a liquidator. Borrower’s existing portfolio of hotel businesses provided the purchasing power and expertise to extract above market profit from the subject hotel property. Traditional financiers were not interested in providing funding due to the business being in administration.

The Silver Bullet Solution

Silver Bullet assessed existing portfolio and expertise and provided purchase funding. Security provided by the borrower in the form of charges over existing portfolio.

Terms –  $500,000 at 2% per month for a period of 12 months.

Take out strategy is via funds from traditional lender, based on improved business performance.

“The borrower was able to leverage their existing property portfolio to take advantage of a key business opportunity.”

The Situation

Commercial premises were owned by family company. Property required to be unencumbered in order to transfer to SMSF. Transfer required before 30 June for tax purposes and therefore funds required within 7 days.

The Silver Bullet Solution

Discharge of existing borrowing within 5 days via funding from Silver Bullet prior to 30 June.

Terms – $2,500,000 provided to borrower at 1% per month for 3 months.

Take out strategy via repayment of borrowing from institutional refinance.

“A fast, effective loan solution from Silver Bullet meant no jumping through the protracted hoops of traditional banks and finance institutions.”

Transfer Property to Self-Managed Super Fund

Unit Trust Development

The Situation

Syndicate developing residential land bank required additional funding to complete development. Previous smaller scale developments had been successfully completed. Institutional funding not available due to current credit policies, market conditions and requirement for 50% pre-sales.

The Silver Bullet Solution

Unregulated advance to the corporate borrower as the site is a well located residential infill development site only requiring payment for clearances in order to received block titles.

Terms – $500,000 for 12 months at 1% per month

Take out strategy was repayment from sales as the residential blocks were settled.

“Silver Bullet Finance's private mortgage solution allowed the development project to progress and meet its market deadlines with ease.”

The Situation

Investor with an opportunity to take up share offer who requires funding within 48 hours.

The Silver Bullet Solution

Unregulated advance to the corporate borrower as they have a strong balance sheet including freehold assets.

Terms – $500,000 for 4 months at 1.8% per month

Take out strategy is to undertake sale of selected existing share portfolio assets.

“Being able to take advantage of positive market conditions is easier with quick, easy Silver Bullet Solutions.”

Share Purchase

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