About Us

Who We Are

Silver Bullet is a dynamic and innovative company that provides credit solutions to the Perth private lending market. A fresh, new offering Silver Bullet benefits from the project team’s experience on both sides of the lending equation and draws upon this real-world experience to proactively solve the finance problems of its clients.

The Silver Bullet project team knows firsthand the challenges facing its clients, and work with all key stakeholders to find mutually beneficial finance outcomes.

Our Expertise

Silver Bullet provides private mortgage credit solutions in the form of business-to-business loans of private capital. Security is provided by the lender in the form of a mortgage over client owned real estate, and/or in the form of a charge against client owned business, business assets or private assets.

Our team combines the property expertise developed over 20 years, with the project team having experience in licensed valuation, equity markets, and property development.

The unique skill set, and experience held by the Silver Bullet project team allows us to expedite this process by providing innovative problem solving which facilitates fast, efficient, and effective loan solutions.

We understand your finance challenges and are proactive in working with you to overcome them as quickly as possible.

How We Can Help

At its core, Silver Bullet was born out of the client-side frustrations of problems encountered with the current credit market.

Having lived the angst and frustration of not being able to access credit expediently and efficiently, the project team at Silver Bullet is here to provide innovative private lending solutions for the Perth private lending market that overcome the challenges posed by the current lending environment.

Knowing the challenges our clients face firsthand allows us to be dynamic and proactive, ultimately resulting in us being able to provide rapid loan solutions to eligible applicants.